Sell my Car In Sydney

The best way to sell your car in Sydney today

Sell your car fast and receive a fair price while avoiding the risks and hassles associated with dealer and private sales. Once a price is agreed upon, we will come to you to confirm your offer. Only after you have been paid do you hand over the keys

No roadworthy required

We are a licensed motor dealer, so you don’t need a roadworthy to sell to us.

Drivers licence and registration docs

We need to sight these to verify your identity and prove that you own the vehicle.

Vehicle Identity Number (VIN)

When the quoting process proceeds to an agreed sale, we will request your car’s VIN for a quick PPSR check. The Vehicle Identification Number is 17 characters in length and is printed on your registration certificate and build plates.

We come to you anywhere

Once an offer is agreed on, we come to your home, business or location to inspect and confirm your valuation obligation-free!

We provide services such as Scrap Car Removal, Cash for damaged Cars, Free Car Removal, Cash for Flooded Cars, Unwanted Cars, 4×4 Wreckers, Truck Wreckers, Cash for Old Cars, Sell Your Old Cars, cash for Forklifts and cash for Old Buses in Sydney.

contacting us may be one of the best decisions that you might have taken in terms of your vehicle. You can receive up to $9999

Benefits of Old Car Removal: What You Can Give and Gain From It?
  • Gives Others a Chance to Save on Used Parts. …
  • Helps Prevent Environmental Pollution. …
  • Removes Eyesores and Potential Hazards from Your Property. …
  • Maintains or Increases the Value of Your Property. …
  • Prevents Possible Legal Issues or Fines. …
  • Places Cash in Your Pocket.